Lifeguards swim: I’m sinking
Your blue skies have clouded my thinking
Arcane jokes knot my mind like rope
Skylarks worry my bones to smoke

Who assigned the symptoms?
Who defines disorder?
Who drew lines in illegitimate sand?
Power lies with amateurs
Your gang’s gung-ho with parameters
And protocols I don’t understand

See: your reason to be nullifies me
Your complex simplifies me
Your code encrypts my natural ways
Your reign has derailed my parade

Now I’m a rolling burnout haunting
Life’s fog-bound conurbations
On the outskirts of your neglect
I lie to survive it
Wear a mask while imbibing
The dregs of your etiquette

Ratified by sham emotion
Atomised by your ABCs
I’m a late descendant of the feeble-minded
And Trevelyan’s idiocy

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